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For Competitive Exams Vedic Mathematics MADE EASY
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Author : Pt. Ramnandan Shastri
No. of pages : 120
Subject : Quantitative Aptitude
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ISBN : 9788183486248
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Vedic System of mathematics is an ancient but coherent system of mathematics. It involves beautiful unification of all the calculation procedures based on simple rules and Principles in sixteen “Sutras” (word-Formulas) as propounded by Swami Bharati Krishna Tirathji. Present system of competitive exams is calling shot at speedy accurate in problem-solving and mastery of Vedic mathematics can do wonders for students appearing at different exams for example- CAT, MAT, Bank PO, LIC AAO, etc.
Vedic Mathematics Made Easy is the scientific synchronization of 16 Sutras and its applications with the learning pace & pattern of different categories of readers. It describes the natural thinking pattern of mind and provides appropriate solutions for intricate mathematical sums involving large calculations, in minimum time frame. Each of the 21 chapters is followed by two exercises, one for practice and the other with previous years questions asked in Quantitative Aptitude Section of various competitive and management entrances.

Table of ContentSixteen Sutras of Vedic Mathematics: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Divisibility, Square and Square Roots, Cube and Cube Roots, Decimals, Factorization, Highest Common Factor (HCF), Simple Equations, Cubic Equations, Biquadratic Equations, Simultaneous Equations, Factorizations and Differential Calculus, Partial Fractions, Integration by partial Fractions, Pythagoras Theorem, Appolonius Theorem, Analytical Geometry Hints & Solutions

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